School counselors provide appropriate psychological services to the students that address educational, social, emotional and behavioural needs, either individually or in groups. Working collaboratively with families, school communities and external agencies is integral to the role. School counselors work proactively and responsively within the principles of a Promotion, Prevention and Early Intervention framework.

In the recent years the higher education landscape of the country has undergone rapid changes. Similarly, the number of career options has also increased exponentially. This can make the students who are at the verge of leaving school feel lost and without purpose if they fail to plan for the future. Laying down a robust career plan is vital to make the transition from school to the real world smooth. Schools as well as parents are doing their best to help students by giving ‘Career Counseling’. The Presidency takes it as a duty to safeguard the interests of students by providing them right kind of career counselling.

The objective of the career counseling is to provide an opportunity to students to obtain unbiased and authentic career information and also to equip them with the knowledge of the scientific process of choosing careers and courses.


Teacher’s Counseling:

The Presidency International school always organizes some interactive sessions for the teachers in which they can enhance their personality and upgrade their knowledge which helps the teachers to become conscious of experiences which previously they were unaware of. Further it helps in visualizing the teacher’s point of view.

Presidency organized a counseling session which was conducted by Mrs. Ekta Jain, a counsellor from Agra. Mrs. Ekta Jain has been a part of various training workshops like CBT, REBT, MANAGEMENT OF VARIOUS CHILDHOOD DISORDERS,PLAY THERAPY, etc. She did address the gathering and left the PRESCO teachers with facilitating positive change and fresh enthusiasm. She did act like a psychologist. She spoke to the PRESCO teachers regarding working as a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) which is the major factor for each and every working institution. She further told that teachers should act like a coach, advisor, mentor, role model and the leader. She further concluded that a good teacher should always accept the responsibilities and should always have a smile on their faces. She added that a good teacher should always have integrity and honesty which helps in building healthy and meaningful relationship. She at last told that we should always avoid arguments because one is never likely to win them as words are like double edged swords they can both heal and hurt and hence it reflects the attitude of the person.

The main points which were discussed in the counselling session were :-
• Loyalty towards your profession
• Team spirit
• Consideration towards students
• Accepting responsibility with loyalty
• Avoid gossip
• Avoid arguments