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The School specializes in imparting knowledge beyond the prescribed curriculum. Inculcating a healthy respect and understanding of traditional values, yet firing the imagination. Opening hearts and minds, nurturing the individual and watching every child takes shape as a rare and special creation. The School is proud of its scholastic achievements as a leading academic institution. This attainment occurs alongside a comprehensive sporting, cultural and service programme. We expect a lot from our children and in turn the school gives it unsparingly.


We rightly follow the school motto, 'nishchay kar apni jeet karo ' , DETERMINE AND ACHIEVE.
In order to bring out the hidden potential of each individual, qualities of discipline, open-mindedness and sensitivity are fostered and encouraged . We endeavor to see that our students acquire a broad range of skills, a love of learning, tolerance and respect for the beliefs of others and basic values of honesty, perseverance and punctuality.