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In the Middle School, students begin to stretch their wings in a safe, supportive environment. They study with teachers who specialize in specific subject matter and take advantage of fully equipped classrooms that function as laboratories and studios. At the Presidency International School, we put students at the center of their education. We believe that by building our programs around students (as opposed to building students around our programs), learning can be long-lasting, meaningful, and fun. In the Middle School, the results are astonishing -- students love school, their teachers know them well, and it’s cool to be smart.



We believe that a student’s education should be focused on a young person’s real interests, exploring the students’ own questioning above the arbitrarily selected content text. Towards that end, we teach experiential, holistic and challenging lessons, guided by the belief that students learn best when they are genuinely challenged and when they encounter whole ideas.

Learning comes when children develop a true understanding of concepts through higher-order thinking associated with various fields of inquiry. Helping students learn socially, collaboratively and democratically helps foster a learning environment that is a model of the community in which they live.


The Middle School is a learning environment that prizes inquiry and interaction as much as it does achievement and success; and it encourages individual growth and progress alongside teamwork and community. Students are asked for their opinions constantly. They’re asked to explore the material at hand by always digging deeper, asking “Why?” and banding together to seek greater understanding.

Many new students join our school in these grades and are often struck by the interest teachers take in their opinions and thoughts. At the school, that is not a novel occurrence. Our faculty approaches learning from a unique perspective, one that is well suited for young adolescents who are each day becoming more aware of their position in the world, their new freedoms, and their new responsibilities.