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The Presidency International School is a co-educational school affiliated to ICSE. The school is located at Bhaniyawala, Dehradun. There is no better place for a child to appreciate the joys of nature and to become environmentally conscious. The view of the Himalayas from the school, the abundance of trees and the chatter of myriad variety of birds enhance the joy of learning. The school has dedicated itself not to prepare just a ‘socio-economic elite’ but rather educated leaders in service. The school focuses on the development of overall personality of the child, encompassing the social, emotional, spiritual, physical and cultural needs alongwith the academic and intellectual progress.
Children epitomize hopes, dreams... the future and just like the skilled hands of a potter, a school moulds the child resulting into a person groomed to realize his / her true potential as an individual.

What We Believe

At The Presidency International School, we believe in our students, first and foremost.

Students should be at the center of a well-rounded education. We know that children learn best when their intellectual, creative, emotional, social, and physical growth is nurtured and challenged. Towards that end, the school encourages active student participation in extracurricular activities including community service, academic competitions, student clubs, student exchange programs, interscholastic sports, numerous arts programs and productions. These are not just part of student life at the school; they are the core of how we educate.

Inspiring teachers are the key in making education personal. At the school, our teachers know every single student. Our teachers are leaders in their fields. Above all, our teachers are some of the most incredible educators you will find. Their credentials are at their best, and the care and compassion with which they teach ensures that a student’s education is not something taken lightly by anyone.

Quality education is a collaborative effort between school and family. The school encourages parents to become active participants in the life of the school and in their child’s education. We believe that with a strong parent presence at school events, sports games, theatrical productions, fundraisers, and the like, we teach students that they have the support necessary to succeed. At the same time, it is our goal that all students learn to become independent young adults and we are intentional about providing parents with the resources and support to let their kids grow up and become self-reliant.