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Scholastic Award:

This award is given in primary, junior and middle school to the academic scholars of the school. These awards are given in classes III,VI and class IX for their performance in the previous year. In the scholastic year 2015-16 these awards were bagged by:

Vedansh Negi  : Primary School
Akshit Kumar : Junior School
Garima Kakkar : Middle School

Cash Award:

Cash award are awarded to the students for their performance in board exams and in the academic year 2015-16 these awards were awarded to:

Ashray Sood
Vikhyata Kasturi
Aastha Negi
Vaishnavi Rana
Utkarsh Rawat

Sat Gyan Trophy:

Sat Gyan Trophy is for a student’s virtues and moral values which brings him / her close to his / her fellow beings. A student who is very helpful, kind and keep this blessing of God with him is bestowed upon with this trophy.
In the academic year 2015-16 this trophy was bagged by Ashray Sood of Class XII for his well being and helpfulness.

Spirit of Presidency:

The highest honour in Presidency and in a Presco’s life is to be awarded by ‘The Spirit of Presidency’ award. In the academic year 2015-16 this trophy was bagged by Astha Negi of Class XII. It is an all-rounder award given to one who keeps the spirit of Presidency alive within him/her. The student must be good in academics, in co-curricular activities, in interschool competitions and keeps Presidency before anything else in his/herlife and justifies the school motto:

निश्चय कर अपनी जीत करो  (DETERMINE AND ACHIEVE)