Life After Presidency

Here is my experience at Presidency in my words.

I joined Presidency in the middle of the session and you know what happens when you join a new school like that. There are new friends to be made, new teachers to get accustomed to, the new school environment and above all the apprehensions surrounding all of it. Day one was difficult but the place never felt the same again. Spending the next seven years of my life there is something which I never regret. Everything that I am today I owe it to my Presidency family. The place instilled in me the confidence to do something bigger in life considering that we were located in a small town.

The values that are inculcated here, be it from the school curriculum or the extra curricular activities, prepared me for a world unknown to me. It was Presidency that gave me the confidence and the belief that I could continue my studies in a place like University of Delhi. And there was no stopping then. Today I'm working as a Lecturer in University of Delhi and I would proudly owe it to my Alma Mater.

Thank you Presidency for making me what I'm today. Wish you all the success in the world.


Thanks & regards
Priya Saxena

(Batch of 2008)