Various activities are organised throughout the year under different heads and all students are encouraged to display their talents, thus generating a feeling of mutual acceptance and oneness.

Participation in various inter-school/ inter-district/ inter-state competitions such as debates, elocution contests, quizzing, dramatics etc. are encouraged.


There are various competitions held under these three categories i.e Inter House Competition, Inter Class Competition and Inter School Competition.

Inter House Competitions:


English Hindi
Debates Debates
Elocution Elocution
Story Writing Story Writing
Creative Writing Skit


• Tableaus
• Street Plays


• Cricket (Boys & Girls)
• Football
• Volleyball
• Football
• Chess
• Badminton
• Kabaddi (Boys)
• Kho Kho (Girls)
• Cricket (Boys & Girls)
• Sprints
• Relays
• Long Jump
• High Jump


• S.St
• Science
• Current Affairs

Cyber World

• Symposium


Inter Class Competitions:

• Chart competition
• Calligraphy Competition
• Art Competition
• Debates (English/Hindi)
• Essay Writing competition (English/Hindi)
• Reading Competition (English/Hindi)


Inter School Competitions:

• Debate (English/Hindi)
• Football Tournament
• Painting Competition
• Essay Writing (English/Hindi)
• Singing competition
• Dancing Competition
• Cricket Tournament
• Quiz