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Welcome to The Presidency International School.......

The Presidency International School is a welcoming mix of inspiring people, challenging school enviornment, and opportunities for expanded learning. A co-ed school, from Pre-School to class XII, the school builds upon its 16-years tradition to focus entirely on providing the best future for children. The wonderful things that students receive go far beyond academic learning through confidence, a love of exploration, leadership skills and much more, guaranteeing that all students can make the most of their potential during their years at the school and thereafter.

The school has taken it as a challenge to create an environment conducive to nurture our youngsters into accomplished and confident women and men. The school motto embodies the essence of this spirit -
निश्चय कर अपनी जीत करो - Determine and Achieve

Well Stocked Library

Reading and reference books to encourage the students.

Modern Computer Lab

Well equipped computer lab has latest configuration and updating of softwares.

Transportation at its best

A fleet of buses ferry students to school and back.

Indoor & Outdoor Sports

Provides all the facilities like Tennis, Cricket, Carrom , etc..

Co-Curricular Activities

Apart from academics the hidden potential of students is tapped and nurtured.

school will open on 1st july 2019
- 01 Jun, 2019


Our education is child centered  committed to overall development of the child and to prepare them to face the challenges of the outside vivid world.

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